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February 13, 2010

Just thought I’d let you all know–my daughter had a mini shop update and listed a few of her new ruffle zipper pouches.

Zip Pouches

She also blogs! Just thought I’d make it known in case you come across one of her images on flickr and wonder why there are boojiboo tags.

Happy Saturday!



Our Customers are the CUTEST

January 24, 2010

We have pictures to prove it.

Jek in the box“, who has some pretty awesome glasses, is sporting our Sophia apron at a pink and Japanese themed tea party!!! Check out her super cute craft blog while you’re at it!

Ashley from life is beautiful looks ADORABLE in our Maggie Green Owl apron.

Diane’s (from “Turn Left at the Pig“) daughter Sarah (AKA Ines) is looking like a little housewife with our Famous Chloe Damask apron. Love it! (and look at the nifty kettle!)

This lovely lass is looking way cute in our our Bella Damask with Red Contrast apron.

Three girlies from Emilie’s cookie team (all the way in Nice, France!) are sporting their Bella aprons 9 hours a day at work! (L to R: Red Cherries on Black, Pink Sugar Skull, Modern Apples).

Finally we have Danielle from Contagious Creations wearing our Bella Floral and Lace apron! Do check out her etsy store for some really cute jewelry.

Many thanks to you ladies for sporting your aprons and spreading the boojiboo love 🙂

Long Time No Post…

January 9, 2010

I wish we had some exciting news to tell you all, like we went on an adventure and were attacked by rabid land-dolphins who thought our aprons were too adorable to be paid for, but alas I do not.

HOWEVER, I DO have an absolutely ADORABLE picture of one of our aprons being put to good use!

Molly of It’s A Vegan Dog’s Life sent us this picture of her furbaby Rowan anticipating some yummy doggy treats! With a face like that, I’m not sure how she was able to refrain from cuddling that dog long enough to take the photo.

And before I forget, a happy happy new year to everyone! Boojiboo is so very grateful for everything that has been thrown our way this past year, both good and bad. Sometimes we still can’t believe how far we’ve come and how much we’ve gone through. Words cannot express how thankful we are to our loyal customers and supportive friends, without them “we” would still be a one-woman team making dolls! I doubt many people can say they enjoy their jobs as much as we do. Hoping the New Year brings good health, success, and happiness to you all!

Much love,

-boojiboo 🙂

FedEx, Birds, Fruits, and Veggies!

December 21, 2009

It’s not too late! We are offering fed-ex overnight and two-day shipping for an additional $10. If you would like this option, please provide your phone number at checkout (required by fed-ex) and the option you would like to go with, so I can then send you an invoice for the additional $10. I will refund any amount I have left over! The deadline for overnight is Dec. 22 11PM PST.

We finally got around to putting up our Christmas tree, and every year we pick a theme for the decorations. Last year the theme was birds…
Glass Bird Christmas Tree

Glass Bird Christmas Tree

Glass Bird Christmas Tree


Fruit and Veggie Christmas Tree

Fruit and Veggie Christmas Tree

Fruit and Veggie Christmas Tree

Lime Glass Ornament

Fruit and Veggie Christmas Tree

Orange Glass Ornament

Fruit and Veggie Christmas Tree

Now all I need to do is wrap presents… but I guess that means I have to find some first, huh? *Le Sigh*

Until next time, cheers!

-Boojiboo 🙂

Quicker Ship Time!

December 8, 2009

I recently found out that including the additional 4 digits of your zip code may speed up ship time, and can possibly shorten it by DAYS!

To find out your four digit zip code extension, go to and enter your address under “Find a zip code“.

I would change your saved address (if you have one) on etsy to include the extra digits. Or, you can just add them when you type your address at checkout. Hopefully you will get your purchases quicker!

As far as I know, this only works for those within the US.

Just thought I’d share!

-Boojiboo 🙂

PS: Yesterday we broke our record for daily sales!

Yeah, we were pretty shocked too!!!

I can honestly say we’ve never been so excited, scared, nervous, flustered, and happy at the same time. Many thanks to our amazingly fantastic customers, for all the love, loyalty, and support! You have NO idea how much we appreciate it ♥♥♥

Christmas Stockings

December 7, 2009

Happy monday!

Just wanted to let you all know we moved our Christmas stockings to our bag store boojibootique. We’ve run out of room in our main store! If you purchase a stocking with any other item, shipping is free! It applies to our other stores (izznit, boojiboo, thesnootypoodle) as well. You will have to pay for both items separately, but we will refund you the shipping $ for your stocking via paypal. Just let us know in the ‘message to seller’ you purchased a stocking!


-boojiboo 🙂

Happy Tuesday!

December 1, 2009

We’ve been sooooo busy! My daughters and I have been sewing into the wee hours of the night trying to keep our store decently stocked–and we even got a head start this season!

I’ve enlisted the hubby and my sons to help with the packing, as my daughters and I need to focus on cranking these aprons out.

Quickie announcement: Due to the high number of orders, we will NOT be taking any custom ones until AFTER the Holiday season. If one of the aprons you favorited is gone, please check back daily to see if it is re-listed! All of the aprons we have listed are ready-to-ship, so if one is not listed, there is a chance it is in work or in the process of being finished.

AND quick customer spotlight:

Now try and tell me she doesn’t look cute in it. TRY. You can’t, right? Because that would be lying? Thought so.

-Boojiboo 🙂

PS: Just a reminder that we have TWO giveaways going on right now (1, 2).